Should I believe his drunk talk?

i met this guy over the summer, he lives in another state, visited him in June it was horrible and we fought. he wanted me to come again so I came this past weekend and he seemed really excited to see me, was really cute and seemed really into me. he got really drunk and kept whispering "i love u" in my ear. should I believe it? should I ask him about it? the next day he distanced himself from me as the day went on but I don't know if that's cause we were tired of each other.


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  • To be quite honest, it sounds like he just wanted to hook up with you. The moment has kind of already passed, if that's what you were looking for.

    If you were looking for something more though, then just a hook up, it'll be kind of difficult... and to be quite honest I don't know if that's the best of plans.

    Drunk people are always, always really horny.

    • would a guy really say I love you if he didn't mean it though? how do I know he wasn't just hiding his feelings? we hooked up earlier that day so its not like he wasn't getting it and had to try harder to get it

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    • so your saying I should just go with it and kinda forget about it?

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