Did I Friendzone Myself?

Me and a cute girl were being all flirty until I started being really sweet to her because I started feeling for her more than just sexually.

Since then she doesn't seem to want to flirt in a sexual way anymore and just seems to want sweetness instead. Did she go off of me?


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  • If she wants romance from you, then no, I don't think she has 'gone off you'. It sounds like she likes you and wants the relationship to be more than just sex - us girls love to be romanced, but there is no reason why you can't incorporate romance with sex...talk to her - tell her how you feel, or just give it some time and be patient.


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  • Are you looking for sex only?

    • No, but I do want to have sex with her.

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    • How do I make the relationship happen? I like saying sweet things to her and I like how she reacts, should I not continue that then ask her out? It's just I am still sexually attracted to her a whole lot.

    • Yeah you need to stop the sweet things that'll get you the " he is so cute" label. Ask her out to restaurant, go eat out. Let her know its a date, not just a hang out thing.

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