Why would he want to be with me?

My partner has called me the following:





(I'm naturally thin)

He said the only good thing about me being this way is (I quote) "I can throw around when I wanna hammer you"

He also says he loves me

I am 5ft 4 and he is a pretty big guy 6ft1 and the way he says these things makes me not want to retaliate.

Back to the point: IF I am all these things, why would he be with me?


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  • he obviously isn't worth the time to even type that question no guy should ever treat a girl in that way he doesn't love you I actuelly feel bad for typing this I truly do but I wanna help you, he doesn't see you anymore more than a toy to mess around with he thinks he can be controlive and say what he wants to you and insult you to make himself laugh an feel big about himself and still knows he can sleep with you the way I see it he only insults you saying your ugly cus he probly sees himself as ugly and wants to feel good about himself..how sad to do that to someone whos innocent get rid of him he won't do anything about it either just say look I'm so much better than you and I desearve better go on say I'm ugly cus I ain't and I'm gonna find someone who respects me and don't worry about feeling threatened just cus he's a big guy and tall don't make him hard hel think he's big one day an say it to the wrong person and get back what he's given so don't worry I think you are worth more than this and to stay away from him I truly do and this is coming from a guy lol so just proves there's nice guys out there good luck hun and go find yourself a decent bloke


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  • Maybe he's a jerk.

    Maybe he's not that into you.

    Maybe it turns him on to degrade you.

    Ugly is pretty nasty.

    Ergh. Its probably just that he's a jerk, but I'll maybe explain point three and flip the anon answer flag :p

    It would turn me on, for example, to have a small breasted girlfriend and make fun of her for being small breasted. To try to have sex with her breasts and tell her she's too small. The thing is ... I prefer small breasts. It would just be about degrading and humiliating her.

    I'm not saying that's what's going on, and even if it is, doesn't mean you have to put up with it let alone get off on it.

    If you're not happy, dump him.

    • Dumped him months ago lol, I'm getting on with my life :D

    • Good for you!

      I hate the 'see similar questions' function on this site, it makes me dredge up dead questions. argh.

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  • honestly, he seems to be like one of those guys who can't be alone, if loved you, he wouldn't say/call you all those things, I'm sure you are a wonderful perosn, he just can't see that cause he thinks he can get away with treating you like this... So I think you should break it off with him, but make sure you have someone near in case he tries to hurt you... I hope all goes well! you deserve better

  • Why don't you ask him?

    • Already have and I never get an answer.

    • Oh. Well I wasn't trying to be b*tchy or anything, I was just wondering. But he seems like a douche, you could do a lot better. Don't settle for someone who treats you like that.

    • I know you wasn't and thanks for the help

  • To be honest, he doesn't sound like he even deserves you, or the time of day. It seems as if he thinks he can do it cause you won't retaliate. He shouldn't call you scrawny or annorexic, and he should definiately NOT be calling you ugly or unattractive ever! If that's just the way you're treated id say get rid of him chick, don't put up with it, you shouldn't have to, and no girl deserves that kind of treatment!

    Good Luck :-)