What is attractive AKA hot, sexy, cute, adorable?

What is it about girls that make them so desirable, attractive, sexy, hot or just stand out to you guys? Honestly. I'm sure a lot of girls would like to know instead of assume.

what we wear?

the way we walk?

what we say?

how we say it?

our shape?

our size?

what we know?

what we don't know?


all comments are accepted :)

like to hear from all of you

any preferences?

honestly I'm asking this question because I hear girls talk A LOT about what guys look for. I know not all guys are the same but I'd like to have this out there so girls will realize that every pot has a top to it and eventually you'll find someone...
who loves and respects you for who you are.

so please, guys, put your own individual dream girl on here. if your friends ever tell you you'll never find a girl like that, you just might if she sees this.
and I'm not looking for one guy to answer for everyone, just put your personal opinion :)


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  • ok really the whole what makes them desirable actuelly comes down to the individial but in this day and age groups you got the cool popular guys that find skinny blond amazing model looking girls who aren't very smart and easy are desirable the geeky type of guy would go for the normal look wether fat or skinny but as long as there smart and interlectual they are desirable my PERSONAL desirable women would have to be a girl with a little meat on her something to grab on to put skinny is fine either works for me the clothes you were arnt to revealing because I think it shows you have respect for your body and your not flaunting it size either same height as me or smaller I like it when a girl talks in a smart way I like smart girls but I like girls who are reaaaaaaally random isn't afraid of weirdness or freakyness as for what you talk about whaty you know and don't know well talk about I would like someone who is open minded to any topic of conversation from quantum physics to feet or hands even down to what a sunny day it is lol as for don't know well not bothered if they don't know much as long as there willing to learn all of this is personal even the first part is what I think not what I can actuelly give 100 percent on just what I have seen experience and think :)


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  • Well guys have varied tastes and so it depends.. but in general what are most commonly attractive to guys are looks - a combiation of both cute and hot, attitude ( cheerful non-whiny girls are just golden ), naughtiness, dressing sense ( to accentuate her hotness )

    these are a few important things.. other preferences are varied for different guys..


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  • Pretty Face

    Good Body

    The way she carries herself


    Fun & Down to Earth

    Common Interest

    Loves Sex