Please help me! my main feature is breaking down on me!!!

well; thanks for looking at my question! basically; I can't dye my hair - well, hopefully I can, I just don't know how yet.

i first started off getting home hair color kits to dye my light brown hair black, it was really good for a few days, and then basically washed out, and it was predominant. so I did it again at home for a few months making sure I didn't wash my hair for about a week before dyeing it, and then using shampoo ad conditioner meant for colored hair. (I was using l'oreal and decent stuff like that, but it just wouldn't hold in my hair.

so I went to a salon to get it done professionally - very expensive, but I got a good deal - but that had pretty much the same effect as the others that I had done at home!

i use Alberto balsam usually to wash my hair if that helps, and it's naturally shiny and fairly thin if that also helps. its not damaged - I only spray it and straighten occasionally, so nothing too manic! please help; I am really stuck with what to do! my hair is very important to me - being 'emo' - I really want black hair that stays that way! because at the moment its kind of dark brown at the top - where some of the dye has still held - and completely light brown underneath! aaarrrrrggggggg! I've read something about 'protein filler' but I don't really know what that is away!

so thanks for reading this; and please comment in anything that you can - it will seriously be appreciated ! thanks fellow users!


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  • ...Stop being so vain, it's just one detail of many that most guys won't tend to notice.


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  • Your hair will not dye to black... It sounds like you will have to pretty much strip your hair for it to hold any color and I really would not suggest you do that. Your hair seems to be very healthy. Be happy with what you've got! You could be a pig with a wig! :-P