Is he making me look bad?

there is this girl I like, we work together there is a guy that she talks a lot with, every time me and the girl get close he will dis me in front of her or make comments that she is her mistress when she is not there he will say things like I am fu****g her.the other day I had a coffee in my hands she bumped in to me and I got some on my hands she went to get a towel she gave me the towel I teased her (your not even going to clean the mess you made) he mad a comment do you thing she is going to rub your crotch and made like he was groping him self she did not see that. when ever she is not around he dose things like that .me and her were doing great now she dose not like me. what can I do if he is making me look bad. he is always trying to be better than me. always making me look like a fool?what can I do? should I talk to her?

almost forgot sometimes he will say things that only me and her know. so I know she has been talking with him.


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  • Hmm bit of a tough one, are you pretty obvious about how much you like her cos if you are I would stop showing it as much only because she could be talkin bout it with this other guy who might be getting jealous and he feels you are competiton which is y he wants to embaress u. I think he sounds like an idiot and either she will see this and get bored or it or hopefully she will wonder y you have stopped payin her so much attention and then use more time trying to get bk in with you rather than talkin to him. You could always try showin him up when he does stupid stuff like that not by saying stupid stuff back but just like... Mate do you no how stupid you look doin that, or you finished? Then carry on with a conversation with her, hopefully she would see how stupud it looks and you will look like the funny one. All you have to do really is find a way that he makes himself look like a fool then you can sit back watch him self destruct them come in looking like a hero


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