Guys, how "glam" and made up do you like girls?

So most guys I know say they like girls who don't wear makeup (except one guy I know says that for a fancy occasion he thinks dark eye makeup is extremely sexy)

Truthfully though, girls look better with some makeup on. I don't mean glittery shiny extremely heavy or bright, but I can't think of a single girl who doesn't look prettier with some thin and tasteful eye makeup. And I'm sure most of the girls who are considered hot/gorgeous/sexy etc. are wearing some makeup.

Also, imagine all the gorgeous celebrities. Makeup can't make or break a person, and an attractive person with no makeup will still look much better than an unattractive person without it, or sometimes even with it, but the most beautiful celebs out there are all wearing a LOT of makeup, and most of them would not look nearly as good without their team of stylists.

So guys, why do you say you don't like makeup? And girls, what do you think?


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  • Guys are mistaken and ignorant when they say they like a girl with NO makeup. They like natural looking makeup. Makeup that makes your skin look flawless, cheeks rosy and defined, eyes brighter and more open with fuller lashes... Enhancement, not obstruction.

    Also, Cosmopolitan magazine did a poll and dudes said they liked the NO MAKEUP LOOK and then when they were shown pictures of a celebrity wearing minimal makeup then more dramatic makeup, they picked the more dramatic look each and every time. Guys don't know makeup. They don't get it.

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