Guys - do you find me peculiar?

I don't flirt, but I will conversate with you.

I won't sleep with you, but I will try to make you laugh, especially if I think you could use some laughs.

I will respect you and at times, encourage you as a true friend would.

I won't change on you/start to act werid and give mixed msgs, because I only know how to be the same old me.

But I find guys don't want this and stay at times.they seem to hate me and only laugh at how my coworker did.

I feel like an alien.

Am I that peculiar that you don't know what to do with me?

nonetheless.i've met a lot of guys.and they all did not want me around after a couple of months.


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  • Based on this description. wow! What a woman! Now, if all this is true, and it isn't something else that could be dissuading them from spending time with you (either them or you), then I have to say I'd be really confused about why they wouldn't at least want to spend time with you.

    See, I feel like I have those same qualities, only I'm male (I know, nobody's perfect! Badoom boom!). Girls may claim that I'm fun, or I'm hilarious (ah, but looks aren't everything!) from time to time, but then they won't hang out with me as friends, or even go out with me on a date. I invite them to stuff, and they never show.

    Would I find you unusual? Based on your description, and assuming it's true, and basing it off my interactions with most females, yes.

    But it depends on your definition of "unusual." It's not a bad thing; in fact, quite the opposite. You sound pretty cool.

    I have one girl buddy that I would describe with all of these qualities, and she's one heck of a great woman, and I love her like a sister. Is she unusual in the sense that she has such a cool personality? I'd think so. Does that make her unique? Yes; she's unusual for someone her age to have her level of genuine kindness, maturity and decency. She has the great qualities of womanhood, and very few of the bad ones - You know, those that would make her an immature girl as opposed to the great woman she is. She's rare. Natural pearls can be rare, and in many way, peculiar, but they're also worth a lot, and they're quite beautiful.

    Now, if you were a girlfriend or wife, and you NEVER tried to initiate any kind of physical intimacy (I'm not referring only to sexual intercourse), that'd be a problem, but assuming you mean friends or as a girlfriend, I see no problems with you not trying to sleep with the guy. I personally enjoy the innocent stuff anyway.

    Hope that answers your question.


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  • Hun, you're not an alien, you're not peculiar. You have certain values that are important to you. Now, people have, I'll call it, "pet peeves". And In today's society, there are people who don't want to be friends with people who have same sex relationships(for example); there are people of all sorts. Goes to show you, right? A person's discipline goes a long way with this question. As well as an open mind. Your presenting them with the chance to make a genuine friend. If you guys were 6 and on the playground it wouldn't be a problem. And if someone has an expectation of you, that's different than the one you have of yourself, and they never put in the time to get to know you - forget about 'em. They were only thinking about themselves in the first place. And this is just another example - would a woman who worked in construction be peculiar? No, but they take a lot of grief for this, and that's not why they wanted to apply for the job. And say a guy and a girl are doing construction together, and the guy heckles the girl and then later gets hurt, what's he going to say to her then "Oops, I'm sorry blah blah, but can you help me, I didn't know that pipe was going to burst?" You know what I mean, and I seen something similar to that last one. That's why it's bad to "burn bridges," you know. But their reaction is out of your control, and you got to keep looking for what's going to make you happy.

    • It's frustrating and depressing because ever guy I've met eventually don't want me around or doesn't want to be around me...and in the end...i just feel like an alien.....

  • You'd make a perfect friend and drinking buddy. Maybe your coworker wanted some hanky-panky and you made it clear that you don't roll that way, causing him to degrade you. Oh well, his loss. Don't EVER change who you are!

    • My coworker is good looking, but what drew me towards him was that he kept doing nice things for me, when he didn't have to, you know what I mean? You weren't asked and not obliged to do so, but you did it anyways. And then, he started to act differently and still was nice to me, but started to give mixed msgs and now his body language shows that he doesn't want to be anywhere near me...which makes me think he can't stand me because he hates me..besides laughing at me at my previous attempts to be

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