If a girl looks "high maintenance" do you avoid her?

i have a hard time finding genuine, nice guys. I'm not one of the girls who is into cocky guys, but it definitely seems as though those are the only guys I attract. my guy friends say its because I look "high maintenance" and the good guys don't ever go for that. usually its the douchey high maintenance guys that like me.

i like guys who are a little more quiet and reserved because they have more respect for women. I like the guys who don't put a ton of effort into the way they look, and that don't hit on every girl they meet. however, they never seem to like me in return. I don't act super flirty, and I don't dress slutty, but I guess I do have a higher maintenance look. (as in super long hair that I usually have straightened, I wear makeup daily, nails done, and I try to dress nice as much as I can. it just makes me feel good)

i don't have a high maintenance personality, I am actually really laid back. I live with 4 guys so I can clearly get along with them. but I feel like none of the nicer guys I meet want to get to know me in order to find that out. if I talk to them,i always try to be super nice, but they always seem disinterested, or just instantly dismiss me. do they just assume I am snobby or shallow?

i don't want to change my ways for anyone, because this is who I am and what makes me comfortable. I'm just curious to see if this theory is true.


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  • Quiet and reserved guys are just that, quiet and reserved. We're hard to get to know unless you somehow get in our circle of friends or just start approaching us and talking to us all the time. We're not going to ask you out right away either, maybe not until we've been friends for months and can tell we actually have a chance with a girl that dresses like you and know you aren't just messing with our heads or seeing us on the rebound from some douche bag.

    • i've actually never thought about it like that before. this was very helpful. thank you!

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  • If a girl looks real high maintenance I still would ask for her number and take her on a date to see what she is really like. If she is beautiful and has an easy going, laid back attitude, and is funny than she's a keeper ; )

    • thats good that you would still try and get to know her! I hope more people are like that haha. thanks!

    • There are! Lol you just gotta find em :P

  • Usually

    • would you give her a chance or just instantly dismiss her? I feel like I'm not really ever given a chance :/

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    • Nope, my tool bag days were in my mid-twenties. I am an Italian New Yorker with an accent though so people from class and work sometimes call me a guido.

    • haha well I'm italian so its all good

  • yep no way I'm going after a girl who looks high matinence

  • i avoid anyone with a prep look or vibe you sound like someone id date but the look just not working out for me

    • understandable. thanks for the honesty!

  • Lol, if you live with 4 guys I see a gangbang coming on soon.

    But seriously, I bet you are lying about trying to get the nice guys. I think you blow them off when they muster the courage to try to talk to you. You're just attracted to the bad boys because you have low class and aren't worth anything. I would definitely avoid someone like you.

    • why are you making that assumption about me? I wouldn't have even considered making this post if I liked those jerky guys. the nice guys don't ever go after me. ever. I wish they did, but I only attract idiot guys who could be on the frickin jersey shore or something. and you would "definitely avoid someone like me"? I have said and done nothing to make you think that.

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    • Nah, I'm the one that usually does the rejecting because I got too many average chicks throwing themselves at me. I only pick the hot ones. Oh, and you would be one of the rejected chicks!


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