I blush a lot... is that a problem?

Every time I even LOOK at the guy I like, I feel my face turning red, so that's why I never want to talk to him- cause I don't want him thinking I'm weird;) it seems this way for almost every guy I try to talk to- it it a problem? What do you guys think when a girl blushes when you talk to them?


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  • Well if I saw a girl blush when she looked at me then I would take it as a sign that she liked me and hence, I would go and talk to her. Call me weird, but when I'm talkin to a girl I like my voice often changes and I end up sounding like a hyena. That's embarrassing for a guy.

    But no...it's not a problem at all. I'm guessing you're kinda shy? I actually know girls who blush when they see the guy they like. There's a girl who likes me at my uni and whenever she sees me, whether she's with her friends or by herself, she would always look at me and then giggle. So I think blushing is pretty normal for a girl when she sees a guy she likes.


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