Accidentally revealed your true colors?

I was on a long flight recently sitting next to an attractive blond woman in a blazer and skirt. She fell asleep and in the process of wriggling around, managed to hike her skirt up far enough to reveal that she was a) commando and b) actually a redhead, not a blond.

I looked carefully (at her face) to figure out if she was really asleep and I am convinced she was, so I put a blanket over her lap and went back to my crossword puzzle. When the flight started preparing to land she woke up, tossed the blanket off then realized her state of dress. She gave me a look that implied it was all my fault then quickly grabbed the blanket back and covered herself while she adjusted her skirt.

So two questions for the ladies:

1. Have you ever accidentally revealed your true colors in a similar fashion?

2. Did I do the right thing, or should I have woken her up and told her she needed to attend to her clothing? Or something else?


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  • 1. Can't really say showing my true self in that fashion. I would probably be embarrassed, which might be why she gave you a weird look.

    2. You did the right thing. It's not like you wanted to embarrass her. You just gave her a hint in a subtle way to fix herself and in a small way protect her.

    I think what you did was very courteous and kind of you which showed YOUR true colors :)


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  • So you're telling me:

    1- she wasn't wearing panties under that skirt

    2- she has hair "down there"?

    • Yes and yes

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    • *short

    • I guess I could have said that, but it seemed to me that I would embarrass her much more by pointing it out than by just covering her.

      It was probably half way to her knees, but she shifted around a lot while she was sleeping.

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  • Option A: This was actually a humorous troll story. "She was actually a redhead, not a blonde" was pretty funny.

    Option B: If this is true, you are a creeper to the maximus. You should keep your hands to yourself before you hike the wrong skirt up, and some innocent woman's husband skins you alive.

    • I didn't hike up anyone's skirt. I'm no creeper, and I didn't lay my hands on anyone. Is your reading comprehension really that poor, or are you intentionally twisting things into something obscene for you own pleasure?

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    • I guess it's clear who the troll is here.

    • 1) OF COURSE it was the right thing to do. Why did you need to come here and ask this question, are you seeking praise?

      2) The whole "does the carpet match the drapes" comment doesn't seem to indicate chivalry on your part. It could've easily have been left out, but you instead chose to reveal some irrelevant detail about this woman. Is there something on your mind besides being a gentleman?

      3) You also made it a note to mention that you found her attractive. See #2 ^^

  • yes you did the right thing she should have thanked you