Question for the Guys about how a girl should look

- How is it best for a girl to look?

- Should she be super skinny to normal?

- Hair loose or ties back in some way? Perfume?

- What kind of clothes? Her own style or hollister/abercrombie/aeropastale?

- What kind of personality do guys like in girls?

- I'm not very sure whether guys like to be in control or should girls be in control?

Thx for giving me advice on how to act... greatly appreciated ;];]


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  • It all depends on which guy you want to be looking at you. As you get older, you'll realize that it's best to be yourself, wear what you like, act the way you naturally act, and so on.

    If you are going after a particular guy and want to change the way you are to attract his attention (or aren't sure "who you are" yet :) just look at how he behaves, dresses, etc. and who he's liked in the past. Then model it after that.

    Sense of humor ALWAYS gets attention. Being sexy does too but not necessarily the right kind of attention. Good luck.


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  • It sounds like you wanna please every guy on the face of the planet. It will be helpful in life to understand that this is not possible..very helpful indeed. Just act yourself. I mean personally, I may see one chick that looks one way and I would think she's pretty damn fine and then I might see another chick that has a completely different style and I would think exactly the same. I might just be fickle, I'm not sure.


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  • I will tell you what I look like..

    - I have blonde hair, green eyes.

    - I am athletically skinny.. not a six pack, but not any fat.

    - I wear my hair down and it is past my boobs.. I wear fantasy perfume, and I wear flirtacious

    - I wear hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, wet seal, BeBe.. really whatever I think is cute.

    - I'm outgoing, I love laughing, I laugh at almost everything actually, I hate when people are uptight and that kind of thing..

    - I prefer guys being in control of me but it scares me when they seriously have me in their control.. like the other day I was tied up with tape ( my friends felt like doing it so I didn't care ) and I didn't want my hands to be tied up but the guys kept trying to tie my hands up, too and that scared me lol.

    • And as for what guys like.. I doubt they will be able to say: 5'4, weight: 115 , blue eyes.. that kind of thing ;)