Are leo short man attracted to tall women of 5 '11 inches?

i am a tall libra women and I am so much attracted to leo short man, he is not too short than me it is like 5 cm or something. he always mention that he is looking for a cute partner, I don't know what he thinks of me ? and I am always afraid of standing beside him or even talk to him. usally I have the feeling that he will never think of me seriously because of my height. please tell me guys I need help, I am so into him


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  • That's like asking if the women down the street who no one knows or even spoken one word to is attracted to the milk man. his sign has nothing to do with who he likes, it all depends on what he's attracted to. Get to know him more. Build a friendship and hang out with him and see where things go from there. A little flirting never hurts and will show that you're interested in him.