What do you find attractive in a man?

So, I recently lost 77 pounds (35 kg) and my body is pretty fit! But I still have some fat around my brest and abs, so not perfect. But what is it that truly attracts girls? Ripped sixpacks and toned pecs, or just funny humuor and other stuff non reletad to the body.


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  • Wow! 77 pounds! Well... I'm not going to say we don't notice looks- we do. At some point. But honestly, if a guy is an asshole in the first place, I don't care how attractive he is, I still won't want to be around him. A girl's vision of her "perfect guy" differs depending on who she is. But in general, most girls like a good personality over abs that are so hard they seem like you got rock-implants, so I wouldn't worry.


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  • It depends on the girl to be honest.

    For me it's all about the personality because the person you are with is not always going to have their looks especially if you are with them until you both grow old.

    For instance, my boyfriend has the most wonderful charming personality ever, but he also has the fat around the same areas as you. Yet, because I love him, I also love everything about him including those parts.


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