Why he doesn't talk straight?

Hi everyone!

I'm new on this site ,so I'm not sure how it works yet,but it seems interesting :)

Anyways,I have a question for guys!

I'm 25 and dating a guy who's 36.We've been together for 2 months now,but he never said I love you.He does gets jealous a lot!Does this means anything? He is very caring ,always checking if I ate,dressed warm ,took my medicines etc...

Talking about the kids a lot!What do you think he wants to tell me?



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  • He probably likes you but he isn't going to say "I love you" until it gets really serious and he fully trusts you. Some guys almost never say "I love you" we just show it with our actions so don't hold your breath waiting for it.

    • Thanks for the answer! So,just out of curiosity ,but what time spent together is considered "serious relationship" for you guys?

    • I really don't know but usually longer than two months. There is no specific time it's just when it feels like you're in a serious relationship.

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  • 2 months isn't long enough to say I love you

    • Thanks! I know it's quite short time ,but I actually do feel I'm falling in love with him!