Girls, what do you think of this person I'm describing?

I'm gonna describe myself as best as I can, there's a reason for this all, I promise.

18 years old

Dark brown (nearly black) hair

Very short scruff

Blue eyes

Average sized nose and ears

Chiseled jaw bone and high cheek bones

Slim, toned, muscular

Sincere, hearty smile

visible 6 pack

5'8" tall

Sponsored musician (lead guitarist in a band, sings and plays guitar for fun on the side)

Funny, good sense of humour

Respectful, but never a pushover


Socially smart

Good sense of style, but not too materialistic.

Average-tone complexion. Not tanned, but not pale.


In ALL honesty...

How many of you girls were turned off by the height? I'm not saying the whole description is entirely true, because I may have exaggerated a bit. Most of it is pretty accurate though. But that's not the point.

In that description, is there one thing that really had you saying "meh, not for me"? Is it the height issue? Is the height even an issue for you?

I know it could be worse, I could be 5'2" and ACTUALLY have my height as a problem instead of just a personal complex. But I'm curious.

Be as harsh as you want.


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  • How many of you girls were turned off by the height?

    I'm 5'6, you're taller than me, so you're fine

    In that description, is there one thing that really had you saying "meh, not for me"?

    No because you didn't really say anything bad about yourself and I'm sure there are

    • I'm sure there are too...

      But the whole point I was focusing on is the height.

      I'm far from perfect, we all are.

    • just the height and nothing else, then no it's fine

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  • Well, I'm 5' 3" so you're height would be fine with me : ) And the fact that you can play the guitar and sing is awesome to me cause I love to sing too!

  • wtf

  • you sound nice. I have to say though, when I saw the height it didn't really work. only because I'm 5'9".. tall for a girl. for most girls though the height shouldn't be a issue :) I have dated guys that were the same height as me or maybe a tad shorter so if you find a nice girl that really likes you it shouldn't matter to her

  • i like a shorter a shorter girl 4'11" and don't want to spend the rest of my life in heels loved the description :)

    • Thank you :)

      My sister's your height actually! My whole family's a bit on the shorter side, I happen to be the tallest, surprisingly.

  • Not even kidding, I read and saw musician which instantly makes me think good things ha ha and then went on to see funny, respectful and intelligent, I didn't even notice the 5'8" thing until the "ALL honesty" part. I'm not turned off at all :)

  • i didn't even notice.

  • Nothing wrong with that height to me! You sound cute!

  • i think its a perfect height and not really any turn offs but still you could of left out some things that might not be good about you.

    • Yes, you're entirely right.

      I have flaws too, of course. It just wasn't the point I was stressing. I was just curious about the height.

      Thanks :)

  • Each of my boyfriends have been my height. Relax! It's not a big deal, it shouldn't be a big deal :) I'm sure you're fantastic even without the exaggerations.

    As a girl whose 5'8" I can say that I probably have the inverse complex, I think I'm too tall. But on the bright side, I have fantastic legs, and what I see as nearly perfect proportions.

    Look at all the bright sides! :)

    You're not at all short and most girls aren't 5'8" anyways.


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  • You're under 18 man. You're still young. My senior year of High School I was 5'6" and now I'm out of college and I'm 5' 10". You still have a chance to grow a couple more inches. Don't stress about height though. You're taller than most girls.

    • Thanks man,

      but nah, I'm done growing. My doctor says so, and I simply developed and started growing very early.

      I appreciate the response though

  • this question is weird. was all of the other possibly exaggerated information necessary to address your height and how you're worried it might turn girls off? I don't think so...

    • I wanted to see just to WHAT extent it alters a girl's perspective on a guy.

      That's the whole point of the thread.

      So... so yes.

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      But alrighty, pal. Time to carry on with our lives. No butts have been hurt.

    • indeed...