Is this true that guys feel this way?

My mother (and many other people) tells me that guys are scared and intimidated by beautiful/gorgeous girls. Is this true? And if so, why?


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  • I can only speak for myself but I can tell you that this is true.I want to impress beautiful women, .. I can get afraid to mess up in front of them. So I change from my outgoing personality to a reserved and shy one.

    Guys hang on girls opinions of them (especially the beautiful ones).

    • I see. Okay, thanks a lot for your answer. :)

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  • Its definelty true.. just their looks and their usually give off so much confidence... its too much and intimdating for sure

    • Ah ha, I see. Thanks for your answer. What can girls do to be less intimidating? I mean, if the girl is attractive physically, is there something she should do to not make the guy she likes scared and intimidated by her because she is beautiful? I'm talking in general, lol.

    • Just don't appear to be arrogant, super opnionated that kind off stuff

    • Oh okay, thanks for your response. Makes sense. :)

  • No its not true. Us guys just are lets say..stunned by how great you guys look, we stutter sometimes, run out of things too say or we just get ackward. I would know lol

    • Lol okay thanks for answering. :)

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  • kinda like how some girls are intimidated around really attractive guys

    • Oh, I see. Okay, thanks girl.

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