Guys what are you thinking when you look a girl up and down?

What are your thoughts?


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  • I don't want to sound offensive to women but this is just what I do when I am looking a girl up and down. I start from the bottom, looking the girl from her legs to her ass. If I see something I like, then I continue. Then I'm checking out her body from the waist up. Again, I continue if she is something I like. Finally I end by judging her face and make my final decision. If it's a girl I would not be interested in, I move on to the next. If it is a girl I would like to pursue, then I make strong eye contact and approach her. This is realistically what 9/10 guys do. They may not all approach the girls they find interesting like I do, but it's probably cause I'm cocky/arrogant. This process takes anywhere from 3-5 seconds. Depending on how drunk I am, I may have to do this twice. It always helps to get a second opinion from a friend. Girl or guy, it doesn't matter, just a second opinion is always good. Don't want to wake up in the morning with any regrets.


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  • Any number of things:

    - "I'd love to have her legs over my shoulders."

    - "I'll bet she takes anal."

    - "Definitely a virgin - I'd love to pop her."

    - "I wonder if she waxes bare?"

    - "Damn! What a rack! Perfect for a pearl necklace!"

    - "Cute toes... I'd suck on them"

    - "That's a mouth that begging for me to bust a nut."

    ... all of that assuming she's attractive. Otherwise, I don't think much at all.

  • Means he admires you. Their is nothing more beautiful in this world than the female body

  • It could be a number of different things:

    "Damn, she is fine"

    "Butterface, but I'd still hit it"

    "That's a big ole' b**ch"


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