Going in for my first interview - any tips?

Its just a movie rental place but I really need a job. I know 18 and never had a real job sad right so I'm going to need all the tips I can get. please :-D


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    - You are judged secretly the second you walk in that interview room. Just bare that in mind

    Walk straight

    Make eye contact


    Never sit down until boss gives you permission

    Put hands crossed on table

    Talk politely

    Walk out the building nicely, every-ones watching

    Take a deep breath if nervous, apologize and say I am just nervous I want this job pretty badly

    Questions they may ask- Just something I thought I will help you with


    What do you know about this company

    How to you get here

    Why do you want this position

    What are your weaknesses- always end your weaknesses positive, i.e. I am not mathematical but if I go slow I will be able to do it.

    What colour crayon would you like to be?

    What kind of animal would you like to be- Mini Meekat- because their fast and quick

    Goodluck :D

    • Oh yeah and about the dress code,

      dress decent.

    • no not decent...dress PROFESSIONAL. button up shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes. make sure your belt matches your shoe color. don't be decent, be ABOVE the rest.

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  • Act confident (google how to appear confident), be friendly, ask the interviewer questions back (nothing too heavy, just get them talking too), don't rush yourself to answer (links with confidence). Should be able to google interview techniques too to be honest. Key underlying thing is confidence though.

  • first off...NEVER admit you are nervous, in any situation. it is a known fact that confidence, not arrogance is an extremely desired trait. I mean if you're about to have brain surgery, do you want you doctor to tell you he is nervous because if he f***s up you will die? NO...you want him to say RELAX...i got this. that being said...everytime I have EVER gotten an interview...i have ALWAYS been hired. and these are my tips.

    1. you are indeed judge the second you walk in, so dress professional. I once saw this kid interview the same time I did cept I had business apparel and so did he, except his shoes were converse. I mean come on kid, this is not highschool. needless to say, I didn't see him during orientation, I'm almost sure his shoes were a huge factor.

    2. give a firm hand shake, I think this is huge, you don't wanna squeeze too hard, but a good firm handshake to show you are not week.

    3. Don't say "UMMMM..." when asked a question you are unsure about, this shows you are not sure, again...showing lack of confidence.

    4. Be prepared ahead of time, by this I mean, the most common questions I have been asked at an interview that stump most people these:

    describe a time when you had a disgruntled customer and what did you do to fix the situation.

    you're definitely gonna get asked about your weaknesses, just make up something minor and don't say something like I HAD TO TAKE REMEDIAL MATH IN HS SO PLEASE DONT PUT ME ON THE REGISTER CUZ I WILL DEFINITELY F*CK SH*T UP! say something that is generally not regarded as a weakness but in your eyes is, something like, Oh I tend to be too trusting of people sometimes...some bs like that.

    5. Confidence Confidence Confidence. they make ask you things that at the time, you might not be sure you can do, but do not, under any circumstances give any clues to these insecurities. remember, even if you don't think you CAN do it at the time, be confident that you can, because you will be trained, and you WILL be able to do what is being asked of you.

    6. When they give you the opportunity to ask questions, do so. like, what is the starting wage? can we pick up extra shifts? things that show your interest in the company.

    7. Finally (cuz this is the last one I can think of) be persistent about it. you can ask, so I should expect to hear form you by so and so...? and if you dont...keep calling.

    anyway...thats all I can think of...hope this helps...cuz I put effort into this answer damnit so it better hahaha!

  • When he/she asks if you can work weekends, you say "yes" this will then be followed by a "you're hired"

  • Be confident..

  • Dress like Captain Beefheart and tell them how much you hate people who rent movies, and how whenever you see one you fly into a fit of unctrolled rage. Its a cert, I tell you.

    Hahaha, I dunno. I've never been in one. Good luck though!

  • dont poke the bear

  • Overdress

  • Tell them that you are determined to work hard. This is the most important thing. You could actually write only this and get a job ( exaggerating )


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  • Prepare for questions like:

    tell me about yourself..

    why should I hire you...

    what can you offer to this company..

    name one thing that describes you..

    what are your goals in life..

    what are your greatest traits..

    (basically a summery of your past careers, abilities and goals )

    [keep in mind]

    - know about the company your applying for

    - give a structured answer

    - give a firm handshake while making eye contact

    - hair neat and subtle looking makeup DRESS FOR SUCCESS

    - listen to the question

    - be honest

    -be positive

    - confidence is the secret to everything

    [Things not to do]

    - do not keep your hands on your face, it shows nervousness

    - Instead of saying 'i don't know" say something like" I never had the opportunity to"...

    - Don't wear bold colors

  • i have had many diffrent jobs and management positions, from being a chef to being a inventory specialist. I would say don't stress, don't be nervous, be honest, show that you are responsible and can be relied on, people like to know they can count on you, and that your a hard worker and won't call in sick to go party (which unfortunately happens alot)

  • I have business: Dress better than you are expected if you had the job for the interview, fill out the forms completely, better taking your time to do it right and good handwriting is good also. try to be professional, pint out your strong points that you have that could be good for the job. Tell then you want the job. Show you are a hard worker and can do it right. Always say thank you when you need to.

  • Tell them what they want to hear. If you were hiring someone, what would you look for?

  • be confident and polite, dress conservatively

  • Shouldn't be that hired to get a job at Blockbuster or whatever. Don't be nervous and good luck!

    ~Here are some resources: link



    • Shouldn't be that hard* I amaze myself sometimes. -_-