The Kind Of Girl You Want To Keep Around?

OK guys. I want to know. Do you find girls who are absolute Bitches sexy? Do you like keeping them around? or do you like to keep the kind of girl who is sweet but herself around? Just curious. Thanks!

ok I'm talking about a fun, sweet, open minded girl, or a complete bitch. same level of attractiveness. the sweet one is not a pushover nor is she super conservative.


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  • Bitches are more way more open to sex while sweet girls sure take their time waiting.

    On the long-term, same as the guys above, of course the sweet ones.


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  • It only appears that men love bitches. (theres a book out with that title btw.)

    It appears that ALL men love bitches. Why? because the majority of women who are hot, (not all of them but about 60% or more) are frankly bitchy.

    These women act "bitchy" due to many reasons, one of which is self esteem issues.

    But the bottom line is that men don't like women because they are bitchy, rather they like them because they are hot.

    The fact that they are bitchy just seems to go with the territory. usually.

    • i agree. there is always that one percent tho that hate bitchyness to the extend that she actually disowns hanging out with bitches at all...only select few that I have to deal with. so to anyone that reads this that happens to be a bitch, is the drama really worth it? ...and the answer is no. there is no reason for drama when you got mad compromise skills.hehe

  • Why the hell would I keep around a bitch who makes my life miserable when I have a cute sweet girl who I enjoy spending time with?

    • just checkin. I got into a little spat with a girl on another question she said guys like bitches because all they care about is using her as eye candy and I disagreed and said guys would rather have a sweet, confident, attractive girl. but she thought I was wrong so I thought id ask.

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    • don't use "honey" on me. I've been living on my own for 2 years now. which is two years longer than you. Plus I'm pretty sure that I was never as blinded by high school as you are. Just give it up. you can keep acting like a bitch we never said you have to stop. Just that it doesn't work as well as you think. Goodbye.

    • Mm,yea,you're so experienced you're asking this question.:)Cute.Bye

  • An intelligent & confident girl is someone who I would keep around.

    I know a lot of blokes don't like those two qualities in a women because they like to be in control all the time and for the lack of better words "To be dominant" but, I value these things in a women and would rate such a women very very highly!

    Are you such a women?



    • but then again, most bitches like to be in control. the sweet ones are more likely to let the guy be dominant aren't they?

    • Yes you are definitely on to something there honey!

      An old friend of mine went out with a "MEGA Bitch From The Planet Cybertron" last year I kid you not! He wasn't even allowed to talk to his mates cos she wanted to be in total control.

  • Bitches I'd just fork and leave, wouldn't stay at their place anymore than necessary. I can think of a number of adjectives that go with bitch and wouldn't want to spend any time with them at all, actually, if she had certain negative qualities about her.

  • sweet and herself 999 times out of 1000

  • I like a sweet classy girl out in public but a freak in the bed.

  • Well if the sex was good I might keep the bitch around for awhile but eventually the bad would outweigh the good and I would dump her. If a woman was sweet it is more likely I would stay with her.

    • By the way, why do you think conservative is a bad thing? I would love to find a conservative woman.

    • im talking conservative like won't do anything. and thinks swearing is bad. I'm talking like really really conservative. slightly conservative girls are great.

  • The hotter one.If sweet means pushover and too conservative then give me the bitch

    • nope. being a pushover is dumb. and conservative people have no fun. I'm talking about a fun, sweet, open minded girl, or a complete bitch. same level of attractiveness.

    • were not all pushovers.

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