The same hair everyday?

do guys like it when a girl wears herr hair the same everyday (ie straight and down everyday) or different? like maybe curly one day, straight another, and then maybe putting it back or soemthing.


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  • Variety is always nice. : )

    It isn't necessary though.

  • Just don't mess with your hair. The most beautiful kind of hair is one that's natural, and not dyed, or straightened, or any other nonsense.

    • That's exactly what my boyfriend tells me. He's a barber/hairstylist by profession, so he should know, lol! :-)One Saturday I let my hair dry naturally. I went out and worked in the flower garden, and then two hours later he calls me to see if he can stop by on his way home from work. I said "Sure" thinkin' I'd have time to clean up but he was pullin' up in my drive! I had no makeup or anything. He just stared at me and said I was the most beautiful he'd ever seen me. Still says that 2.

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