Can cute and cute go together?

It's almost like good looking guys can't be with beautiful girls. One or the other has to be the better looking one in the relationship. Normally I see really pretty girls with not so good looking boyfriends and on top of that, the guys are complete douche bags most of the time.

Why are the beautiful girls going for the average looking guy?

Could some girls tell me what goes on inside their head when they get close to a good looking guy? What would hold you back?

I really only see a "perfect looking couples" in movies like "charlie saint cloud" or I see them in magazines. Other than that the perfect looking couples are Hollywood stars.

Is it possible for a great looking guy to have a beautiful girlfriend and still have a great relationship?

I appreaciate your answers!


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  • Yes of course it's possible and it mostly depends on a guy. It's because average looking guy often tries to get that beautiful girl. While these beautiful guys are waiting and I don't know for what . Maybe they think they are too good or they just waiting for girls stepping first.

    • Yea I have no idea why we wait around. Like you said though, every guy is different. I'm a very good looking male but seem to be single all the time. I guess I just don't have the right approach or I'm not approaching at all. I get looked at a lot by girls, but it goes no further than that.

      Would you date or be exclusive with a really good looking male if he approached you and seemed like a great guy? Or would you be scared to take a chance with him becuase other girls will look at him?

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    • Thanks so much! I agree with everything you just said =)

    • your welcome :)

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  • What are you talking about girls go for the good looking guys and they are the ones who treat them bad.

  • Yes

    • Could be explain in detail man?

    • two good looking people can be a happy couple. Also , beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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