Do guys like girls with freckles

Hey:) I have glasses a retainer freckles on my face,arms. And shoulders. I also have stretch marks on my thighs and boobs.I mean I am pretty and I am getting my retainer off next month and I was just wondering if that sound like a total turn off. P.s I am 117 pounds and I am 5"4 so I am not fat at all but I don't know if guys think freckles are attractive

Please answer I don't care what you say I just need to know lol


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  • I love freckles, I actually prefer them, with uber white skin. Then again you can't really say whether someone is attractive based on those characteristics, people are or aren't, and a lot of it is subjective; ie what one guy likes another wont. But I love freckles, glasses are cool too, you can also wear contacts for more variation in your appearance.

  • They're fine. You can't do much about them, so get comfortable with them. Guys are.

    Glasses are also fine. Don't do contacts/lasering unless you want to.


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