I'm 5'6 and I want to weight 105. healthy?

I'm 5'6 and I want to weight 105. healthy?

yeah but I think I'm already too hot to handel
it means I'm rediculously good looking
It means that I am rediculouldy goodlooking
hey what's that supposed to mean?
i'm new to this. I need help :)
yay buddie!
i'm 120 but I want to be skinny!


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  • I think that's a bit underweight. I'm 5'7" and I'm 136 lbs. Therefore, a healthy weight would be around 116-128, if you want to be healthily thin.

    Why are girls so obsessed with weight...? It doesn't really matter much when it comes to attractiveness. >.>

    • Well DON'T want to be, that desire is STUPID.

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    • If they really tore out your bones one by one through your skin, you would want to take that back. xD

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  • If you eat properly and get enough physical activities, yes you are absolutely fine. Moreover, I would say you are lucky cause so petite:) However, if you starve yourself, that's not healthy at all. You should probably get some professional help))

  • i'm 5'6 and weight a bit less than 105 and I'm completely healthy