Girl Only Likes Me As A Friend?

I told a girl how I feel about her and she told me she doesn't see me in that way.

I realized that I like her lots as friends and I currently don't actually know her so well. She seemed confused and I am confused. The reason for that is that she is in a relationship and she said to me "if she was single it could be different", and even when her friend asked if she would if she wasn't with *guys name*, she was like "But I am though"... But then proceeded to say she doesn't like me in that way.

I don't know, I see it as a huge blow but I texted her and she told me that she told me the truth and she's really confused but I think she just doesn't want to hurt me.

I realized I haven't actually got to know her so well even though we have been friends for a few years (just hanging out in a group) and I do like her as a person, so I asked her if we could get to know each other better and talk to each other more and she said she would.

I have genuine feelings for her and I think there's something special between us, I think that we have a lot to offer each other in a relationship.

I'm thinking of telling her that and just asking her to consider me in a new way and see if we can develop something for each other. I feel really happy being around her and she does around me also, and I do not want to let this one go so easily. I have other options but I want to try things out with this girl.

Am I doing the right thing by seeing her more and kind of trialing things out a bit?


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  • hey I don't mean to be rude but considering you really like this girl , put yourself in her boyfriend shoes imagine if you were him and some guy was really digging her and she was replying with I would if I wasn't with my boyfriend answers. wouldn't that make you upset and angry. would you like to be with a girl like this who plays you around. the heartache once in a relationship like that is so upsetting. I'm guessing this is not what you want to hear, but getting over someone before being in a relationship is so much easier TRUST ME PLEASE. :)

    the only thing I could suggest if you really want to be with her, is back off completely I mean back off, dress really nice [especially the shoes and hair, I don't care what any girl says those 2 factors plus scent are always attracting, but you have to dress those to the style she likes, maybe you could find out from her friend] and then when your out on the town at a party etc, flirt like crazy with other girls or even just talk to them, go up to her and talk like your not interested and leave half-way through the conversation to talk to another attractive girl. trust me this is completely and utterly rude but sometimes it works seeing you as the confident social guy might work :)

    • She never said she would if she was single she said "it could be different if I was single" but I think she didn't want to hurt my feelings.

      She said to her female friend something like "I wouldn't, it's hard to tell who you'd go out with when you're in a relationship but he's a friend so I wouldn't"

      I friendzoned her back and told her I just like her personality a lot in a friendly way and thought it was love. I want to tell her I think there's something between us and we should (cont)

    • get to know each other more and see if anything develops. And that if it does develop I think we are right for each other and we'd have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship both emotionally and physically.

      I have known her for a few years but in terms of getting to know her properly I haven't done much of that. It's more like we are friends because we have the same friends, and we have fun together sometimes but I need to pay her more attention specifically.

    • from your writing all I can tell is that you are incredibly into this girl and she means the world to u, any girl would die to be her, knowing a guy felt like that to her, but unless she feels the same it won't happen, I wish things could be different. I don't think you should go after her, if it is meant to be it will happen.

      also when a girl says it could be different if I was single it means if I wasn't with my boyfriend I would be with u. but that has 2 meanings. - one if she wasn't in a realtionship con

  • then she would def. be with u. or 2) this is the way a girl will let you down e.g she doesn't want to be with you but doesn't want you to feel bad so tries to make you feel special but knownig all well she is in a relatinship and will do nothing with u.

    its so harsh but it would def. mean one of those 2 options.

    there could be a third

    she is utterly confused and doesn't know what she wants. and that is something only she can work out for herself no one else could help her

    i hope it works out for you :)

    • Thanks!

      I'm still not sure why she would say to her friend though, as she had no idea it'd get back to me... I mean she said in the same sentence both that I'm only a friend and she doesn't see me in that way, but also that it's hard to tell when she's taken.

      Even if she doesn't I know there's something there and I know if I see her and talk with her more and she considers what being with me would be like (she only had to consider me a friend before), I know she will see what I see.

    • confidence is sexy ;) I hope it works out I have some troubles of my own at the momment would you care to read :) please :) link

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