Guys, what are you attracted to appearance wise?

what are you attracted to appearance wise? hair, makeup, clothes. I'm seeing a guy I rally like tomorrow and I want it to be perfect.


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  • Sorry, I know it seems like I'm dodging the question here, but I don't think answering this will help you much. You're going to get all sorts of answers that may be totally different, because every guy has different tastes in girls. If this guy is already going out with you, then I'd say just be yourself. After all, that's what he expects of you...he doesn't want to suddenly be going out with some glammed-up Barbie doll or something. lol I'm sure whatever you decide to wear or do with your hair, he'll be happy because he's with YOU. If you want to dress up a little, fine, but don't get too carried away or he's likely to get weirded out or feel intimidated (yes, intimidated) by your looks. After all, unless you were planning on going to some place special or something, he probably wouldn't appreciate you overdoing it. lol Just my opinion, though.


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  • its as simple as the greatest cliche... just be yourself.There's a reason it gets that rep. when your yourself that person will love you for who you are and then you 2 can actually be really happy. there are many guys out there and it will come with some pain but it is so worth it once you find that guy who makes you truly happy for the rest of your life


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