Why do guys talk about other girls to their girlfriends?

First let me say my boyfriend, having asked my friends this, is relatively above average looking, so he gets a lot of girls hitting on him.

Once and a while we will be hanging out or just talking on the phone and he'll randomly go on about a girl he saw, or talked to that day that he found, 'sexy' or 'hot' that was flirting with him. Mind you I don't have the greatest self esteem so these comments hurt like getting a sliver into the heart and pulling it out slowly. I have asked him MANY times to stop but he just keeps going, on, and on, and on.

What hurts the most about it is makes me feel inadequate. Its usually, she has a 'great ass' and I know I don't, or even worse the bright white teeth thing. Sorry I don't have sparkly white teeth because when I was eight my dentist screwed up my enamel.

An example of some of the stuff he tells me can be taken from a ‘story’ he told me the other day of a girl he saw at Walmart. He was walking over to the game section when he was stopped by a group of scene kids. They stopped him because of his awesome shoes (he does have an awesome pair of shoes mind you) and they started talking to him about them. One of the guys found out they had the same shoes size was saying he was lucky. Then one of the girls in the group, about this point in the story he would just heaaavvviilllyyy describe them, gave him the most innocent look with her red-contacted eyes, flashed him a pearly white smile and told him she would have sex with him if he gave her friend his shoes. Though he said no he told me a large part of him regretted it. THAT’S what really hurts though.

I’ve told him that it really hurts when he does this and that he really need to stop but he doesn’t. He then goes on to say that he would still choose me over any girl, but it still just really hurts. I really don’t want to break up with him but I don’t know how much longer I can go before I just really pop. He told me that all guys do this. I have a hard time believing him.


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  • What he said is partly true. Males are different to females in the sense that almost all males will notice other girls whether or not they're in a relationship, it's in our nature and any guy that tells you this is not how it is is lying.

    We certainly notice other girls but what your boy friend is doing is over the top. If you told him to stop this and he won't then I guess you're not right for each other though that's for you to decide.

    He sounds like the kind of guy who has options and would ask you to bring your friend round for a threesome so will cheat if he gets bored and won't really mind if he losses you or not.

    He doesn't seem to be taking the relationship seriously and if you are and can't work this out then it's inevitable you'll break up.


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