What do girls look for in guys?

be honest, I know lots of people who say things only to sound good


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  • Okay so I look for humor in a guy I'm a sarcastic kind of girl so id need a guy who can dish it back haha :P also there body language, the way they express themselves to others, and most importantly there communication with me they have to be able to hold a conversation with me. And one small thing is looks not in a shallow way but you have to be somewhat attracted to someone a lot of people say it what's on the inside and there right but there has to be something there so when you look at them your like "he is soo cute"

    • I understand, that's good stuff lol. too bad I don't know much people like you. how can you tell about the body language? I'm lost with that lol

    • Well by body language I mean how they express there feelings haha sorry if it doesn't make sence to me body language means talking with your body.

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  • well.as others have said looks, it's the first thing that strikes you first anyway and sparks an interest. after that I would say voice.deep please! haha! as for other physical attributes it would be, dress, hands, forearms, back! And as for the inner man, I love when he is close to his family, has good morals, is a good friend, makes me laugh but can hold a serious convo when needed. hard worker but not a slave to the workplace, smart with his money, and loves to have fun! Ha ha! Sounds like quite a laundry list I know.I've so far only found one guy like this and I'm waiting for him to get over his shyness and ask me out already! ha ha!

    • Haha, maybe you should make a move. its hard for shy guys to express themselves

  • You should search for this topic and read the other threads before asking this. It's been asked so many times already, I'm sure you'll find your answers pretty quickly.

  • I go for looks first. He doesn't have to be gorgeous or anything but he has to be good looking. I've got a problem at the minute were the guy has everythin I could ask for but I don't fancy him so its no good. After looks everythin else usually just follows

    • Haha, its so hard to tell if a person looks good, I think if I asked my friends, they would just be like, dude are you gay? lol, I feel like I'm a good person but I'm not too confident about my looks. well I'm not too confident about much when it comes to girls haha.

    • Well suppose it is hard for guys to ask that. If you have any female mates ask them.u should try b abit more confident as no confidence at all can sumtimes b a turn off.Its so easy with girls you don't know just go talk to them the worst that can happen is they tell you 2 go away and u'll never c them again. just b yourself and I'm sure girls will like ya

  • for me it's always different. I've liked short, tall, older, younger, thin, thick, light, and dark guys. I don't go for the pretty boy types. there's something unique about them that catches my eye, cause I like such a variety.

    and a nice butt and personality is always a plus :)

  • whoever said they don't care about good looks .they lie

    basically what I look for in a guy is



    and careness

    and brains

    but it rarely happends

    they always miss something.

  • tanned, healthy, tall and confident


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