Why do firefighters turn girls on so much?

its kinda funny how much girls like guys who are firefighters. is it the 'hero' status, or maybe because a lot of them are bad boys? their bodies? what mixture of attributes turns girls on when it comes to firefighters.


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  • My daddy is a fire fighter. I have a lot of respect for them because I know personally all the sacrifices they take. My dad is a professor on the side for a fire fighter college in the town where we live. When I meet one of my dads students and they're fresh out of high school, 18 or 19 years old and getting into the fire academy I find that amazingly hot because I would like to think I'd marry someone some what like my dad, not to sound creepy or anything. I don't mean it like that. I just mean that it's extemely attractive to know that a guy wants to have that kind of life style, dangerous, family oriented, mussley, muscular, HOT! Hope that helped.


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  • Yeah all these things and they save lives and homes and buildings for a living..what's not to like? And their uniforms of course...as that saying goes...But it's everything combined into one.

  • it's all of that!


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  • My guess at what the ladies like about firefighters:

    1) Most firefighters are physically fit.

    2) Firefighters save people's lives, not destroy them

    3) Obvious one --> they have a job. (they can support themselves/etc)

    4) A firefighter is typically called a "man in uniform" -> Women like men in uniforms.

    5) They see gruesome sh*t all the time and they know how to deal with the worst of the worst.

    6) They have good tolerance for high-pressure situations.


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