Be prettier - New Years resolution, any tips?

So I know I'm not pretty but I really want to be. At my college the girls are all so pretty and whenever I go out with my friends they all get hit on and I just sit there awkwardly. I really don't want to be the ugly girl in the group anymore. I don't wear make-up that often, should I do that? My clothes are okay, I guess. They could be better, I don't know lol I wear a lot of sweaters so that might be my problem. Anyway, I just want to know what guys see in the girls that usually get hit on (like what they first notice) so I can change. thank you :)


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  • - sleep before 12, because that's when your skin regenerates

    - take vitamins, E is for your skin, I take it once a day before a meal

    - stop drinking soda

    - workout , swimming, jogging, running, dancing

    - if your hair is straight, curl it if its curly then straighten it , change up your hair once in a while

    - try some new makeup ideas like this

    - cardigans are a necessity , you can make it look dressed up to causal

    - sweaters are cute :) I liek wearing flannels under them so the collar pops out

    - paint your nails, I like opi nail polishes and china glaze <-- at Sally's beauty

    - if you do decide to wear makeup often get a primer, it makes it last longer

    - smile more, it makes you look friendly and attract people

    - improve your posture, you'll appear more confident

    - try switching up your footwear sometimes like heels, heels make me feel sexy and improve my walk so I feel confident lmao

    - confidence is important though, people always want to be surrounded by confident , outgoing people

    - if you don't want to wear makeup just take really good care of your skin, get a good moisturizer

    - dark jeans make outfits look more put together, I hate light washes

    - drink a lot of green tea (I drink 5 a day), it helps your skin a lot if you have acne prone skin and is like some anti aging thing as well

    - I do a egg whites mask once a week to help pre mature wrinkles, it also tightens your skin and makes your skin look glowy and bright

    - eat a lot of carrots, its good for your eyes, like improves your eyesight

    - wear a lot of sun block to prevent pre mature wrinkles, supposedly I heard its fine to wear it year round as long as the sun is out

    - make sure you have great eyebrows, I always notice people's eyebrows to see if it suit's their face. <--- VERY IMPORTANT ughh I hate when I see people with jacked up eyebrows because eyebrows frame the face! its very important to take care of those hairy caterpillars

    • - make sure you wash your face right when you wake up, first warm water then cleanser then wash with cold to close your pores, warm water opens up your pores.

      - make sure you exfoliate 2-3 times a week, it gets rid of the dead layers off your skin

      -i suggest you stay away from cleansers with a perfumey smell, I heard it's bad for you, rigth now I'm using this tea tree oil one ...tea tree oil is great for acne prone skin

      - if you have acne scars, I suggest you try mederma, I've been using it for a

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    • awesome! thanks again

    • No problem!

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  • If that's you in those photos I doubt lack of prettiness is the problem.


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  • try michelle phan for makeup ti\ricks on youtube

  • u can start by having more confidence! And a little make up won't hurt, try some black eyeliner, it's my fav thing in the world! And wear what ever makes you feel comfortable because nothing worse than looking uncomfortable! And excuse my bad spelling XD

  • try antro and wear more makeup

  • I checked out your profile pictures and your skin is flawless! You really won't need a lot of makeup to be more pretty, but you could use some mascara, lipgloss and blush just to brighten you up a bit. Also, your style looks pretty cute from what I could see but make sure you're dressing to flatter your body shape. Here is a good resource- link

    Also, you could try adding some cute accessories to your wardrobe, like: jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings), handbags. Some cute stores are Forever 21, Wet Seal, Bebe, Express, Aeropostale, H&M, Pac Sun.

    And something your friends might have that you don't is confidence. Look happy and fun when you go out with your friends. Just relax and be you.

    • Thank you so much, that link is actually really really helpful. I already shop at forever 21 a lot, but I checked out express and I really love it. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. :)

    • I'm glad. You're quite welcome. Just remember that if you have beauty in your heart it will transcend to the outside too. :) I'm sure you're a beautiful person.

  • Stop drinking SODA's! Stop drinking COKE, PEPSI and all that canned sh*t. Drink 8 cups of water each and every day. for a whole year. It hydrates your skin. Get 8-9 hours of sleep. So you don't get bad dark circles like me. I go to sleep at midnight ever night now and I have VERY bad dark circles. So I just get facials and stuff. You can wear make up if you need it. Make up does make you look pretty. Maybe mascarra or blush. Maybe Dye your hair. I did. I dyed my hair Red, it doesn't look exactly red, it kinda looks black and before my hair colour was brown. I don't know if guys like abs on girls. But that's my major goal for this year. ABS. not Ripped abs, just cute abs. It's gonna be so cool. I cannot wait. You should get abs, if you want. Plus I'm never going to eat mcDonalds lol

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