Ok so I'm a 20yr old woman and I've had A boyfriend in the past.My ex and I only lasted 6 mths. I was just wondering why guys never ask me out? I'm going to describe my personality, so I'm not trying to sound conceaded or full of myself.

Lets see. I'm 5ft6 with a more to love body type. blonde curly hair, hazle eyes, and I dress as nice as I can on a very VERY modest budget. I'm an artist (animator) and I'm not like emo or shy, I can be a loud mouth sometimes though (at least that's what I've been told ;) I don't have low self esteem, I love life, I don't think I'm mean, I try to be nice to everyone. I'm approachable (I know that because people approach me) and I feel like I just filled out a personals ad. I would just love to get some insite as to what I'm doing wrong-or even tips for getting guys attention. So if anyone is a pro out there, help a poor girl out.


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  • Couldn't say, you sound like a great girl and probably very pretty. The only thing that comes to mind is you may be giving off the "I want someone too much" vibe. Guys can sometimes sense when a girl just wants to be with someone and they might start thinking your the clingly type (but I could be totally wrong, just guessing).

    Good luck!

  • I think you are just like me. I think that one of the reasons behind this is that ur personality is very much mystirious. People ( specially guys ) don't understand that what they should talk about with you and what would be ur very next comment on a particular statement.You must be facing these problums. You should try to enhance ur general knowlede so that you have a lot of things to talk on.


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