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So I met this guy on new years eve. my friends and his friends. and we ended up messing around. (didn't have sex) but before this he was asking my friend about me like "whats up with your friend she's cute" and he was telling me oh your such a cool girl you should come visit me later and we hit it off talking wise like he was talking to me about his past, career, dreams and my family and everything. and after everything he asked for my number. and he called right after I gave it too him to check if it was real lol and he texted me and called me the next day. I'm just wondering if he sees me as another girl to hook up with or potential dating wise. it sorta sucks because we live like an hour away from each other and he is 4 years older than me

i forgot to say that he were meeting up on the weekend


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  • You messed around with him on the first night of meeting him? That definitely wasn't the best move if you wanted something with him other than hooking up even if you didn't have sex. Unless mess around you mean make out and nothing more. Right now the best thing to do is to say no to messing around for awhile. Get to know each other and have him work for it. Don't give it up easily. When you see him this weekend definitely make it a point to say no and wait or chances are he'll just see you as an easy hook up. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they don't have sex after first meeting someone then they still have the person's respect but oral sex and things such as that has the same result as regular sex does.


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