Looks and approach:)

im new to this school. and I've been told I'm reallly pretty. and I'm always eyeing this kid in the hallway. we exchange looks. smile at each other . and he's always looking at me.

i was just wandering what's a good way to approach him?


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  • just one day go up to him and just talk with him casually. if he has been looking at you he is probably wanting to talk to you but just doesn't know what to say. so go up to him with a smile on your face, say hi, and then start an convo with him that I am sure will create a friendship, even a relationship. good luck. message me if you would like to talk

    • gotcha what am I supposed to say?

    • just see how he is. and talk about your intrests and his, and make sure you do not interupt him when he talks. and if you both seem to enjoy the talk you should see if he would like to meet up on day for lunch as friends or whatever and talk some more. is this helpful at all?

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  • just do it. walk up to him and introduce yourself


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