How do I go from appearing Dark & Demented to Sassy & Sweet or something

Apparently, to some people I appear Dark & Demented while to others I appear Dark & Mysterious. You will constantly find me Reading or writing. I usually wear a guys t-shirt, shredded jeans and Converse but on occassion I'll wear a dress and some flats or a tunic with leggings or jeans with leather high heeled boots with buckles around the ankles. I've recently started wearing my glasses which are a thick framed square men's glasses in black. I'll rarely wear make up but when I do it is usually either dark/bright eyeshadow and liner or natural looking eye make-up and bright/dark lipstick from the M.A.C line. I have a young face that most usually place around looking eight to fourteen with the most common being ten and twelve. My hair has a large blond streak on the right side that I usually dye blue but switch to other colors every one and a half months.
My friends say I'm very laid back, though some use the term "guy-ish", and drama-free because I was over it before it even started. I have drama but it is very minor. Most of my friends are guys.


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  • hun one thing I must ask is why? that is a good look but if you really want yo change it, wear more dresses, tight shirts and nice skirts. and get some nice elegant high heeled shoes. and for make you maybe get some shimmer powder and some light pink lipsticks. (btw I knw all this from my fiance who is great with fasion and she has a tone of talents(even though she has problems and she's only 17) so I have learnt a lot from her and the look you have is the one she wants) anyway if you don't like those ideas let me know and ill give you more sugestions


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  • Wear brighter colours.

    Hints of makeup.

    New/different hairstyle

    Figure flattering clothes/clothes that show off your curves better.

    Something like that. The tunic with legging and dress and flats sounds like a "girly" kind of thing though. Perhaps it's just the way you present yourself?

  • well why try and change your apearance? in my opinion you are great the way you are


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