How should a man look?

I've been wondering for a while what girls think the ideal man should look like. Then I mean hairstyle, clothes, body type, cologne etc etc.


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  • My ideal man is short hair a little longer on top, just jeans and a plain tee-shirt, strong shoulders and a sharp jaw line built but not body builder type, no cologne I want to smell your laundry detergent when I huge you If yes on cologne then pick manly stuff not to strong! I am 5'2 so 5'6 and up on height, knows how to shoot a gun(for protection), sculpted hands, I dislike Almond shaped eyes,(I find them creepy) -- I love it when a guy looks like he can protect you but you get a sweet caring vibe. Its OK to show emotion it's sexy, just don't whine, show us what you are passionate about.


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  • I go for the guys who have think eyebrows. :D

    But you know? What makes guys really attractive is their skills and personalities ,at least, for me. I love smart guys. I don't care much about appearance and style.

  • hairstyle: not long kinda short, messy, brown or black. I don't like blond guys

    clohes: NOT stylish, no colors like pink/purple/yellow/orange! red is good!

    body type: masculine, big on top (back), long legs and spine, big arms and hands, thick neck, doesn't work out (maybe a little sometimes) but you can tell that he just has a natural man physique!

    cologne: whatever smells good, I personally like swiss army

    my ideal celebrity guy:


    every girl is different some girls like feminine men lol but I just gave you a description of what I like :D

  • tall and dark for me


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