Right age to wear heels?

I have always wanted to try to pull off high heels, but they seem a little bit old for me...if that makes sense. I feel like if I wear them I would look...stupid. When you girls and guys see a younger teen wearing heels, what do you think? Not stripper heels but like these link

or this

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  • Those heels are cute..i like them


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  • 12.

    But stripper heals look gross girls of any age look trashy and slutty in them and ugly. I don't see why they're worn in p*rn vids they're a turn off!

  • I actually love strippers


What Girls Said 1

  • I think those heels are a bit too dressy. Maybe starting out with a black patent pump or nude heel would be best if you're just starting out. I stay away from heels because I'm already 5'6" and can't walk in them to save my life.

    Make sure you're wearing the right jeans (straight or skinny cut) too to dress them down. I'm sure you can pull it off then.

    • actually. I wouldn't mind if you wore them around me, if we were dating. I'm 5'8" and depending on how many inches theyd give you, I prefer when you are taller than me WITH heels on. not without. something about a girl whos taller than me with heels on is SUPER sexy to me. if theyre hard to walk in, just practice. practice makes perfect :)

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    • oh I really like the pink ones! Those are the right size I was looking for too(:

    • Awesome.

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