Perverted joke? Movie reference? What was this?

This guy is always commenting on the color of my clothes or hair or ears, etc. Today he said "your hair is very brown today." and "your ears are red." I replied with a "yeah, it is" (to the hair) or something and then he said "red rover, red rover send (my name) right over." he said it pretty normal, as far as I could tell. what am I not getting?


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  • I'm with you on that one. He just seems like a random idiot...


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  • Um...I don't think there's much to get.

    That's either being awkwardly shy or...well idiocy.

    • Haha! He is kind of weird. Thanks for your answer :)

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  • Its a kids game. a bunch of people stand in two seperate lines facing each other. you link arms with the people next to you in line. and then someone from the other line will say that 'red rover, red rover' phrase you mentioned and the persons name who is called runs from their line to the other trying to break it... google it and I'm sure you can find a better explanation haha. I'm sure the guy didn't mean anything by it...just saying something (socially awkward maybe?)

    • Yeah, I know what the game is, I just didn't know why he said it, because (to me, unless there's something else to it) it made no sense.

    • oh haha

      yeah, he is probably just nervous around you and says dumb things...

      i've said some pretty nonsensical things myself...haha

    • Haha, totally get you :)

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