Scrunch butt bikinis?

just wanting girls opinions on scrunch butt bikinis.

are they sexy? slutty? trashy? the same as regular bikinis? too revealing?

and why?

and not just at the beach, pool, bbq, maybe even a pool party or bbq at say a relatives house where family would be there(parents, cousins, grandparents)... are scrunch butt bikinis appropriate around them too?

just wondering opinions on this new trend


link for reference
opinions from anyone else? guys? lets get some more answers and discussion


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  • I think they are a bit revealing but there is a time and place for them if it's what you like. If you have your own pool - fine. If you are in a hot tub at a hotel maybe or definitely on a vacation in some tropical area, that would be fine. Never to a gathering with family or anyone who isn't a close friend, it's too trashy for that sort of thing, you should be tasteful with those sorts of people.


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  • I don't think I would ever choose to wear them, they are a bit too revealing for my taste...Oh well, to each their own.

  • eh, they are skanky looking. I would never wear one..

  • They remind me of lingerie. Looks trashy to me.


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