Why is it acceptable for people to call themselves ugly or unattractive but not to say they look attractive?

It seems like its perfectly fine for a girl or a guy to say that they look bad after they get a compliment but why is it so bad to agree?

I know it sounds conceded but I think everyone should compliment themselves sometimes.
For me personally, I'd say I'm attractive when I look in the mirror I'm happy with how I look for the most part but it's not like I'm going to mistreat someone that I don't think is attractive but for me how attractive someone is, is how they act towards
me, and people important to me.

p.s I'm just putting my view because I'd also like to know what people think of my view, because most of the time I keep it to myself.


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  • This reminds me of a recent 'rate yourself out of 10' question that was posted here. Basically everyone was bombed with down ratings. I think that confidence and self-assurance, when it comes to your looks, seems shallow and conceded and peoples' reactions are to be nasty to each other. Obviously I admire people who think they are attractive and don't care what others think. But a lot of other people have that attitude think they're better than everyone else and have the right to judge people.

    I do agree with you and believe that everyone should see the beauty in themselves.


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  • Confidence and being self-assured is alright in society's eyes, arrogance is not. Too many people don't know the difference and assume the latter. So really, it's just a matter of acting out of ignorance- people aren't sure what confidence really is at times.

  • Self-admiration is a sign of someones ego. If you're boasting, it's hardly something that's "positive" in other peoples minds. I do believe you should be happy with your body/looks and praise yourself, but the world has their own viewpoints. Love yourself in private, but don't boast about it. Besides, it's none of their business.


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  • I've had this same problem too. I would say something in one of my questions about myself being pretty only because it related to the question and automatically people would give answers about me being cocky and conceded. I think it has something to do with media convincing everyone that their not good enough and to go buy stuff to scone better so in Americans eyes natural confidence is bad.


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