At what point do men evolve into being attracted to women on a more emotional basis?

Everyone knows that, typically, teenage guys are attracted to women based on looks, and eventually most men outgrow this stage and give more credit to personality and emotional factors. But what I want to know is when does this happen? When do things start to shift.and what causes the change?


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  • When you get a girlfriend based on looks and she turns out to be an annoying wench, then you realize that looks is not all there is to a relationship; it also depends on the guy. Lots of vain guys out there also, so maybe those never make that shift. One of my high school buddies married this girl because she looked like a model. Couple of years later they were divorced he says that his biggest mistake was being naive and thinking that as long as you had a nice looking girl, things would work out. Of course, now he dates women that are 'decent' looking but have goals in life and a 'mature' personality.

    • I agree with you. Men or Women are the same when it comes to picking a mate. But I think it depends on the person and their outlook in life. My girlfriend still look for that physical as a must have. Until now she still haven't find the perfect guy she is looking for.

    • Good luck to her; if the guy is really good looking,a nd if he is not gay, he will be a male slut; I know a couple of those! :D

  • It's different depending on the guy. Some guys in their early teens, some guys never at all, but I guess you could say the average is around the time they should be graduating college.


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