Why are so many guys here so pathetically b*tch-whipped?

it makes me laugh but disgusts me at the same time. I mean I think many "nice guys" are self-aware of how their lame tactics DO NOT WORK and they need to gain SELF RESPECT and EXPERIENCE in order to get girls, but they still do nothing lol. then they come here and cry about how "you have to be an asshole to get women" when really you just have to have a set of balls. you can get women and still be yourself. how is this not a lesson that can be naturally learned? instead you have lamers making the same mistakes over and over again?


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  • yeah like seriously some people really need advice and really don't have the "experience" yet so they come on here asking for it so others who have had the experience can tell them what to expect in their particular situations.

    and anyways, everyone is different, and all their situations are not the exact same.

    so they have the right to share and ask for advice for their particular situation. It has nothing agaisnt you or anything. I don't know why you're getting all pissed about it,.

    ok have a great day.

    • You don't need experience. You just need to do it. Experience comes from doing it. As long as there is placed to ask these type a question it was always be asked.

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  • Good point. Thank you.I think some guys need to read this and stop provocing people with their questions.


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  • Hey, smacking down a bunch of other guys on this site just because of their style, or that they haven't learned to find their own confidence yet doesn't make you sound cool, or tough in any way. This site is for advice, not to trod on people who ask for it

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    • i am giving them advice on how to do it. it's actually a really easy lesson, people just evade it by giving these guys sugar-coated bullsh*t which always just continue their vicious cycle of a problem. they can take it bluntly and it's really the only way to do it. I'm not trying to sound "tough" or "cool" either, I just see too much garbage advice on this site and giving my two cents.

    • I agree that you need confidence to attract a woman, and I'm sure most of the women on here agree as well, and I often see people telling someone to go for it and try to build confidence. and by the way, insulting people isn't a part of advice, doesn't tend to help much, an ecouraging compliment with the same message would go further, because when you degrade someone before giving someone advice about confidence, how will that help them at all, in fact it will go the opposite way of the goal

  • More about how guys tongues are so covered in sh*t, why? Because they lick ass so bad because they hope they'll get promoted to licking their pussy.


  • Sooo true dude. Some people jus don't really learn...


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