How to create attraction?

What are things to create attraction when around random girls. Most of the times in my head I will see a group of attractive girls or see one by herself and I will be like okay she is cute and check her out, but won't approach. Most of the time I am thinking she is real cute and I might not be cute enough, or my "game" is not good enough. Because I don't have a clue on what flirting is, half the times I don't know if I am doing it or not.

Another thing is when dating a girl when is the right time to actually move in for a kiss (and how to move in for the kiss without looking like a dumbass or creeping her out) and how to break the touch barrier (what are the right areas to touch)?


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  • Well, when talking to a girl, watch the signs she sends out. Pay attention to her body language. Is she looking straight into your eyes, or avoiding your look? Is she stepping back or crossing her arms in front of her body? There are even more signs, just google for some articles on body language.

    Once you know you both are comfortable in the conversation, I like to break the touch barrier by trying to touch his hand. This can happen "accidentally", like when you hand her something, get the idea? If she doesn't pull her hand back instantly, that's a good sign!

    • Okay like one girl most of the dates we went on she had her hands crossed in front of her.

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  • Google Joseph Mathews and David Deangelo. They've both wrote books about approaching 10 girls. And for the kissing when your heads are close or touching. Move Ur head to face hers. Shell then move hers to face you. Then well adjust your head to kiss her and kiss her. Touch the side of her arm and when things get more dirty touch her hips and stuff.


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