What makes a girl "Girly" in a guys opinion?

I am a liife long tomboy, who finally found a great guy who likes me for who I am and would never ask me to change.

When we met he admitted he had always gone for the "Girly girl" types. At the time I told him if that what he wanted - then find someone else!

He stayed anyway and we got to know each other a lot better and now I think we are both falling for each other hard.

We are honest and straight forward with eac other and love and respect each other for who we are.

I know he still likes a few giirly things once and awhile and while I will always have a tomboy side, I would like to be a little girly for him on occasion..

I already wear a little makeup, paint my nails on occasion, and have long curly hair that I do up in simple styles..

He said he would love to se me all "Doozyed up with hair, makeup and all". Just to see how I would look.

I think it would be fun - but have no idea how to do it or what he really means!

Any ideas on what makes a girl " Girly"?

I would love to surprise him! :)


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  • You would probably have to ask girls for makeup tips but girly to me would be glossy lips, eye shadow, eye liner, groomed eye brows, ear rings, a dress or outfit with a skirt, stockings, and dress shoes (heels if you can walk in them). Girly hair style could be anything as long as it smells good lol.

    • now you sound a lot like my guy! Ok, I purchased some pufume. I ware light makeup - including eye shadow and ware lip gloss already.. So maybe I am on the right track! Lol.. I know he has a real thing for stockings and long shirts.. Heels might be a problem... But I could always try them in private first so I would fall on my face in public! Lol... Thanks! Your tips really helped! :)

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  • To me, a girliness is usually in her demeanor. But to appear more girly, try wearing dress, I guess but be careful, if you wear a dress but walk like a dude, it may not work.

    • lol. The image of walking like a dude in a dress made me laugh out loud... I have seen it and know what you mean..

      I think I can walk like a girl OK :) . I'll give the dress a try. Thanks!

  • Mannerisms, speech and gigglyness make a girl girly in my opinion.

  • A woman like Lauren Conrad is my idea of what makes a girl "girly".

    • Thanks! I just looked up some images of Lauren and she is really pretty.. I already have that hairstyle, so maybe I am on the right track! Lol... Thanks again :)

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  • You should be happy for knowing for sure what your guy wants from you. Try different styles of clothing. Wear skirts, add a little pink to your wardrobe.. Other than the clothes and the make up, try to be 'the girl in distress', guys are a sucker for that.. All the best..

    • I am thrilled he likes me for me. I be honest, I probably acted more the tomboy right after he told me he liked girly girls just to let him see that side of me.. I figured he would be gone inside a week, but he stayed. The more I got to know him, the more I saw how sweet he is. He really likes me for me and I fel the same about him! You are right about the damsel in destress thing. Lol. I think he would e on cloud nine if he had the chance to "rescue" me! Lol. I will give your ideas a try :)

    • He really seemed to love it when I painted my nails piink last week.. So lookout pink dress! Here I come! Thanks ! ;)

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