Why is it that girls think all they have to do is "look pretty" to attract a guy?

i mean, seriously. yeah some men are shallow but some men aren't. you can just get by with your looks ALL the time, you gotta know what to say and you gotta have SOME common interests. we can't just keep telling you your hot everyday then say "bye" only to do the same the next. that's using him!


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  • Women pride themselves in their vanity.

    We not only compete with our beautiful Megan Fox-like peers that are lusted by guys, but also the media's portrayal of the physical attributes that are desirable to the typical male. We have books upon books, magazines, television shows and websites that are dedicated to our vanity and how to alter it to attend to the male psyche.

    But sometimes...yes your right, sometimes our vanity is all that we have, and our countless attempts of altering our physical appearance ultimately can rob us of our unique feminine characteristics. We become jealous of that hot girl in high school. Sometimes- your right- we do use guys just as a justification of our physical hotness and a justification that we are desirable to men; that we have defeated or succumb to the social stereotype of beauty and we are at last comfortable with our vanity.

    The sad truth is some girls will never be comfortable of their vanity and need the constant validification of guys to know they are desirable.

    • any way to fix this?

    • I don't know one option is to change society... but that's just crazy

      The real girls that get the guys consistently are usually the ones that are confident enough in getting the guys. Confidence doesn't stalk in constant attempts of validity and justification. But I think, the real soultion lies in every individual girl. I think we need to accept the reflection in the mirror and let what lies inside us shine through. No games, no bull sh*t.

      And I guess it can also be a two way street w guys : don

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  • i know men are shallow. The minute I do my hair or lose some weight, the same men who thourght I was invisible would suddenly wanna know then that would get me angry actualy!

  • Obviously common interest and intelligence and good character is important. However, internal qualities aren't visible while physical qualities are. Typically the initial attraction is sparked by physical attraction, and then from there you get to know the person.

    And quite honestly, even lesbians want to look pretty to attract other women. Same for gay guys. The fact of the matter is, physical attractiveness Is important although not the ONLY important thing. I know I would never be able to date a guy I'm not physically attracted to even if he has all the other qualities I'm looking for. That's just the way it is. The human animal is still an animal.

    • Not to mention, looking nice generally makes a person happier. Don't you feel kind of down when you look really sloppy? I appreciate people promoting inner beauty because it's very important, but it's just too unrealistic to expect outer beauty to be unimportant. When you look at victoria secret catalogs, you're not looking at their compassionate heart. Would you be able to be with an extremely unattractive girl who is otherwise perfect?

  • It's a pretty true fact that when you meet someone new, the first opinion you'll get is of their physical appearance. It's also true that guys, no matter how deep or shallow, will probably be attracted to the pretty girls first, over the not-so-pretty ones. It's only human nature to be attracted to beauty, right?

    But until a girl gets to know a guy, she has no real way of judging whether or not he's shallow. Hence, most girls prefer to play it safe to begin with and make themselves look pretty. Afterall, there's no way she can show her personality to keep a guy or even have a chance to judge a guy if she can't attract one to begin with.

  • Because the quality girls get jaded seeing guys talk to or check out the prettiest of girls. We feel if we were prettier, we'd get their attention.

    • society leads us to believe that

    • yeah-i-hate-that

    • Seeing all those jacked dudes with 4% body fat attracting all the women makes a QUALITY man such as myself feel JADED.

      *goes to the gym, 6 months later*

      Attention, oh attention. Look at me! I want attention! Yippeee! I'm getting attention! My life is fulfilled! Oh wait... attention... seems... a .. bit... OVERRATED.

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  • Thing is, to get a guy all girls need to be Is pretty. To keep him, they have to have a good personality.

    • or...the other way around :P

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    • I'm not what I'd call shallow either, I can be attracted to someone but that doesn't mean to say that I would date them just for that.

    • this-is-awesome-answer

  • They think that because it's true men are visual and pretty women get hit on all the time. Every where they go guys are telling them how hot they are you said it yourself. That's another thing have a real conversation with these women stop walking up to them and telling them how beautiful they are (I"m speaking in general terms when I say that not attacking you personally). Your sentiments are right though a woman should bring more to the table then just her looks but a lot of foolish guys put up with BS just because a woman is attractive. Also women who feel entitled to something because their attractive are always the most insecure and are not the type of women you want to deal with assuming you're looking for a serious relationship.


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