Preference of stereotype/style on a girl?

(not asking so I can change my style I've just always been a little curious)
  • Hipster/Hippie
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  • Prep
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  • Skater
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  • No particular style/sweatshirts & jeans
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  • "ghetto" look
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Most Helpful Guy

  • definitely D, I wouldn't go out with someone that dresses a certain way in order to have an "image" I like down to earth people.

    • oh god this question isn't sonding like I meant it I guess.

      im not meaning anyone would try to have an "imagine" I'm just saying if a girl dressed in a certain way the way they wanted and you saw a group of girls wearing all these kind of clothes which would you be appealed to most

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  • I like sporty chicks!

  • the "Good girl" look, as in high standards, fun.


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