Fake tan and blonde?

boys do you like those girls that are extremely tan, platinum blonde hair, and big boobs. I guess you can say kinda hot but really fake? what do you think.


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  • Seriously, kid. Already thinking this way and how old are you?! If'n I was your parents I'd tan your hide, but then again I'm from another generation or maybe I ain't so there's a question for you to consider. Back to yours. Why you askin'? You really want people to look at your body with it's fakeness all about it and say I'm yours for 24 hours and then I'm on to the next internet hunk I get hooked up with. Seriously. I've got more respect for a turtle than those kinds of girls. And that ain't saying much. My dad was bit by a turtle.

    • Dude I don't think she has a fake tan and blonde hair!! I think she's just wondering what guys actually think because of a lot of girls think they're way hott like that! I'm not like that physically, and I'm curious to know too.

    • Yeah I'm not that way! lol I was just wondering... I don't even have blonde hair

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  • Extremely Tan: If its fake, its disgusting. You look like a f***ing simpson, no offense XD.

    Platinum Blonde: I PERSONALLY find this sexy-- But I know a lot of guys will disagree, as they prefer the brunettes.

    Big boobs: Hell yes.


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  • It totally depends on the guy. A few of my guy friends said that they prefer brunette over blond. Of course blond is said to be hot cause its all in the media. I think a girl can be pretty with any color hair as long as it looks natural. Also many guys prefer bums over boobs. The girl doesn't have to have big boobs to be pretty. Girls who tan too much look fake and will later on in life regret it because they have a higher chance of skin cancer, and no one wants to see that happen.

    That is my opinion. Hope it helps.

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