What are your fashion trends for 2011?

Winter 2011 clothing trends.


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  • nothing new, but I usually don't wear a scarf in the spring and summer and I always wonder why people do that since it just makes you sweat even more?

    then I read in a fashion magazine that you wear a scarf in the spring and summer to help your neck from getting too sunburn. I am really scared of getting skin cancer and sun burn, plus I tan really easily and I dont' want to be too tan so I think I am going to invest in a scarf.

    I also do now live in Italy (have been living here since July 2010) so I want to sort of fit in and not stand out too much (get targetted by theives or something). So I think I will invest in a nice scarf! I want a nice long big scarf, preferably gray or light blue. I also have been watching michelle phan and just learned to tie a scarf in 7 ways! I am so excited to get one now... I can't wait... hahaha but I am super picky so I haven't really found one I liked yet. Plus I don't go shopping for clothes much.



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  • men: more suits. less expressive clothing.

    women: less clothes. more cleavage.

    overall: less comfortable clothes.

    This trend brought you by Brawndo.

    Brawno: The Thirst Mutilator!

  • i wear a suit of armour

  • polo, vineyard vines, brooks bros


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  • Yeah... I plan on wearing all of the clothes I already own instead of being told by the media and the fashion industry that all of my perfectly-good clothing are no longer in style, so I should feel badly about myself and consume, consume, consume.

  • I'm definitely looking to invest in some OOAK pieces, like hand-painted jeans. I'm also going to go thrifting more and look for unique handbags, shoes, and oversized sweaters. More prints and bright colors is a must as well since my closet is definitely in winter mode right now and is overflowing with different shades of black and gray!

    I don't have a specific trend I'm looking for...I mostly go for what's "me".

  • The same trends I had in 2010.

  • Definitely giving up exspensive goth clothes and now I'll wear comfy stuff

  • Yellow leotards

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