Why do guys deal with girls who treat them wrong?

ok I know I’m wrong but, at times I can’t help it because I do like him, but I don’t want to be hurt. Well I used to talk down on him, I always talk to him about other guys... and thing is he would tell his cousin and my blood cousin (who is a girl) that he hate it when I bring up guys but he never tells me. also at time he calls me sweetie and I also remember I asked him to take me to cindies (which is a lingerie store) so that I can buy something to wear for my boyfriend. And thing is he did it. Also I asked him back in October to take me to cindies so I can pick out something for a costume party, but he wasn’t able to take me because his car was messed up. A couple of days after that his cousin tells ask me "why do you want him to take you to cindies to buy lingerie for another guy". Now I’m like I didn’t him that. Has cousin also say I should be doing his cousin like that because it’s wrong but when I ask him who is it wrong his cousin won’t tell me. In addtion to this the boy lied on me several times saying I brought him a 400 dollar watch. Now I’m a college student and I’m not with him so why is he lying on me and what is wrong with him?


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  • Thats messed up you are asking this guy who likes you to take you to a LINGERIE STORE so you can buy sex outfits for your boyfriend. What the hell is wrong with you. Why are you torturing this guy who likes you. Quit being a b#$ch and grow up. And karma ia b#tch by the way.


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