A man who is too good to be true?

Girls lets say you meet a man who likes to give you attention, love, and affection. He certainly puts your needs above his own. Lets say he enjoys listening to you and having conversations with you, and you actually enjoy having conversations with him. Lets also say he enjoys taking you shopping to buy clothes and he wants to actively help you pick out what clothes to buy at the mall. Lets say he is enthusiastic about buying you clothes. Lets say he actually has good taste in women's fashion and he actually knows what looks really good on you. And certainly he knows your size, so he will always get you the right things for Christmas and your birthday. Lets also say he takes pride in the clothes he wears and takes pride in his appearance as much as yours.

Of course lets also say he satisfies you tremendously in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, and pretty much everywhere else in the apartment or house you two share. Lets also say he does 50% of the cooking and cleaning as a good man should. Lets say he shares the bills evenly also. Lets also say he enjoys going on dates with you and he will go out of his way to schedule a date for you if he has to. Lets say when going on dates he doesn't check out other girls; he only checks out you, and check out you he does! Lets say he compliments you and always knows the right thing to say at the right time. Lets say when going to parties he will certainly socialize with everybody including other girls, but he will not flirt with other girls at the party. He will only flirt with you. Oh and he gets along perfectly with your family and he also gets along with your girlfriends too. As a matter of fact your girlfriends become just as much friends of his.

Lets get really extreme here. Lets say you are having your time of the month but you ran out of feminine products. And you ask him to make a special trip to go to Walgreens to get some for you and he does it! Lets say he is familiar with your preference is in brand and size of the sanitary napkin, so amazingly he brings home exactly what you needed. He knows not because you told him but because he just notices those little things about you. Lets say you can ask him for advice on almost anything women do when it comes to makeup, perfume, different forms of hair removal, and maybe a few other aspects of women's life. Lets even say while you are having your time of the month and you are being grouchy, irritated, or extra emotional, he has extra patience with you and he knows it's not exactly your fault.

Would you think this man is flawless, and would you think that you better hang on to him and never let him go? Or will you pass him up because he's not a brawler and he is just too nice? Or would you blow it completely and loose him anyway because you don't know how to hold onto a good man? Or would you think he is too good to be true and he has to have something wrong? Or would you think he is gay and he is just waiting to come out of the closet?

This guy is not a push over. An indication that he is not a pushover is the fact that he socializes with others (including girls). Also I didn't say he's constantly asking for her permission to do something. But certainly he does favors for the girl.


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  • I met a guy like that too girl and I married before some other wise chick did--he has an interesting edge to him and will stick up for himself and not let me get too bitchy--but he treats me like a queen and I kiss the ground that man walks on. Girl I even COOK fro that man--I barely cooked for myself before I met him ( hello, frozen dinner.rofl)--I am AL:WAYs braggign about him I love him so much--and he is a great dad and our daughter ADORES him. Men like these DO NOT come along often--HOLD On with two hands feet and anything else handy.

    We have been married for years and although he has his faults ( and lord knows I have mine) his wonderful traits make me so not care.

    He sill show some of his faults--when he does, don't go running and screaming down the street--just realize that he is human. If the things you like are still there, unless he is a druggie or a cheat, he can be afforded a few annoying traits.

    You are blessed -- keep that in mind! Now--if he ever hits you--all bets are off.no matter what.

    Praying that he is the real deal for you hun--keep us posted!


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  • ok one who is he cause please get me one! And two yes he does sound a little gay but he also sounds like the perfect man although I would love for a guy to be more manly - ok if he's like that only to me meaning if he's in a relationship with me and he does all these things to satisfy me and me only but he shows to others as a really rough, tough guy than I love it! Because if its for me and he does these wonderful things for me of course I wouldn't mind - who in their right mind would? But to others he seems as if although he's all - I'm never going to do that believe me its a very good thing for me! Oh does he complain while doing it? Does he call her a bitch cause she sent him out buying feminine products? I know a lot of guys exactly like that!

  • I would marry him?

    Why do you know one like that? If so tell him to holla at me!

  • Hey he sounds like the guy I know.. he even cried when I wasn't well. Would basically do anything to please me. Sensitive and understanding yet fun to be with. Sadly I didn't fall in love with him so we're just friends.

  • KEEP HIM =] but not if he lets me walk all over him. I like guys who have a back bone ya know.


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