I'm hairy?!

This is even embarrassing to type. I am full-blooded Italian, which basically means I am born to be hairy.

I have hair all over my chest, and legs, and arms, not really on my back though.

It's still really bad. Of course guys have hair on legs and arms, but mine is soooo bad.

Is this really unattractive and a turn-off for females? If you like it, why do you like it?


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  • No, it's not a turn-off at all. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a turn-on, but it honestly does not matter. I can't recall the last time that little strands of protein hurt anyone, can you? =).

    I happen to find hairy arms and legs pretty attractive. Chest hair not so much. But that is not to say it's unattractive. (Plus this is just my insignificant little opinion. lol.)

    Many women go nuts over body hair. My mom, for example, is extremely attracted to the masculinity that hairy men exude. (Okay so using my mom as the example probably didn't make you feel much better but she's a female so that's what counts, right? Lol.)

    So anyways, you don't need to waste your time worrying about unimportant little vanities like this. Especially one that can easily be altered with a razor/shaving cream or a vat of hot wax =). If you think about it you have it pretty lucky. If the woman you are after loves the hair, then you've got it! If she isn't too fond of it, then it's a quick fix.

    Hope this eases your mind a bit. Best wishes!


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  • it's defidently not a turn on or turn off. My dad has the hairest chest in the world! So I'm used to it and anyway, I don't think it's weird. I think it's good that you're really harry. haha! Because if there's guys who are sorta harry but not really, it's kinda weird. Either be harry or don't!

  • I think it's gorgeous. But that's just personal preference. I just like manly men.

  • i think its a turn on. Hair symbolizes masculinity to me so I like it. Weird but yeah. As long as its not on the face.

    • It's not on my face, or back...but basically everywhere else :/....thanks for your answer though! boosted my self-esteem a little.

    • No problem. Just keep in mind... shaving it would be waayy worse. ahaha

  • Everyone like their men a different way. Just think of Darwin's Theory of evolution. If there is an ice age, everyone will die except you, since you have a nice coat of hair. See there is a plus side to every negative situation. I am not trying to be mean. lol. But it just depends on the girl. I don't like really really hairy guys, but that is just me.


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